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Use wall quotes to decorate your Photo groupings

Family photos hung on walls can be boring or they can tell an interesting story if they’re surrounded by personalized lettering transfers. And family photos aren’t the only images that can benefit from unique lettering art. For a distinctive look, surround the frame of a breathtaking image with inspiring lettering that complements a room’s décor. Or create descriptive transfer lettering labels and position them below a grouping of pictures, similar to the way museums display their works of art.

There are many ways to enhance a photo grouping with decorative lettering. Why just display framed pictures of your child’s first steps when you can highlight the pictures of this memorable event by adding words and quotes on the wall or even famous inspirational messages by well-known individuals? Your creativity will be the envy of the other mothers on the block. Some might even pay you to create the same effect on their walls! But only you can decide whether or not you tell them about letter transfers and how easy they are to apply to any photo wall or grouping, or anywhere for that matter.

Creating your wall of words to help tell a special story is fun, too. It’s one project where you can really let your imagination run wild. If you’re unsure where to start, read through some of the inspiring lettering décor that’s already been created. Change the fonts around, select different colors, and with every change, you see exactly what the finished message will look like. Once you get the hang of it, begin creating your own transferable words.

To apply letter transfers, unroll the sheet that contains your lettering press-ons, rub them onto your wall then remove the excess sheet. The letters will be perfectly spaced and it’ll look like you spent hours hand-painting your wall of words. They’re truly amazing.

Personalized lettering transfers are easier to use than stencils and better looking than wooden letters. Try it today! You can make up your own custom quote or you can choose from over 1100 standard quotes and phrases by clicking below: