Family Photo Grouping
Decor Ideas

with wall decor quotes

Is it possible for family photo groupings ideas to extend beyond the long, dark hallway? Of course it’s possible. But remember, even that long, dark hallway can end up looking great by carefully selecting the family photos that will be included in the grouping, the frames for each photo, and by putting some thought and creativity in how you will hang them.

So many people make the mistake of hanging their child’s 8 x 10 school pictures in one continuous straight line down the hall. Where’s the excitement in that? Experiment with family photo groupings ideas. They’re your stories to tell. What about framing pictures of your children (and mom and dad, too) that were taken at special events or occasions? Add to the mix special cards that you don’t know what else to do with and framed child’s artwork from years gone by. Hang the varied assortment in a starburst pattern down the hall and create something that people actually will want to look at.

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